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Change Government

Do you want to change government? Would you like it to be fixed so government represents the people and not just special interests? Eliminate the big-money establishment’s stranglehold. We know how to force these changes to happen.

Join with us in taking back control of the government from the Establishment and their corrupt crony politicians. We have the means to guarantee success in forcing this change.

• Block elected office dishonesty and cronyism.
• Eliminate special interest domination of government.
• Replace corrupt incumbent politicians.
• Prevent governmental erosion of freedom and rights.
• Re-industrialize to fill the employment gaps and expand the economy.
• Make this the Land of Opportunity again.
• Restore strength and security on the foundation of broad prosperity.

The key to creating these changes is to replace the corrupt incumbent elected office holders who take advantage of the establishment’s big-donor campaigning system. We will control who is elected by requiring anti-corruption qualification that go beyond the government’s requirements.

We will initiate the change at the level of each local voting district. This website will identify candidates who have committed to our anti-corruption requirements. Conformance to the donation limits can be verified on the provided links to the candidate’s Federal Election Commission reporting site.