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Candidate Agreement

A Candidate or campaign committee (Candidate), that chooses to participate as a Candidate on (Website), agrees to be bound by the requirements of this contract.

The Candidate, or elected office holder, shall:
•Not accept campaign donations from a corporation, unincorporated business, LLC, partnership, any entity other than a natural person, or intermediary on behalf of any of these,.
•Not fundraise for a political party, either as a Candidate or as an elected office holder.
•Not knowingly communicate, in any manner, with any PAC, SuperPAC, or equivalent entity.
•Decline acceptance of any employment or contract in exchange for legislative influence.
•If elected, not serve as a paid lobbyist, for 5 years after leaving public office, or ever, on behalf of a foreign government.
•Refuse acceptance of any campaign donations through “bundling”.
•Agree to full personal and business financial disclosure.
•Not engage in any financial dealings, or disclose nonpublic information, for self, or for any other person or entity, that constitutes a conflict of interest.

This contract ceases if the Candidate’s candidacy ceases due to losing the primary, the election, or if the Candidate withdraws from the election. The Candidate’s participation on the website, as a Candidate, may be terminated if the Candidate violates any portion of this agreement, or the Terms of Service for Determination of this violation is at the sole discretion of Honest Government.

Revisions of this Candidate Agreement, as published on the Website, will be replace this agreement and be binding upon the Candidate, unless the Candidate notifies Honest Government of termination of participation, as a Candidate on the Website, within seven days of notification of the revision.

The Candidate may terminate this agreement by terminating participation, as a Candidate, on the Website. and notifying Honest Government of the termination.

If any portion of this contract is deemed unenforceable, it shall not invalidate any other portion of the agreement.