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The Solution to Corrupt Government and the Lost American Dream

Voting is supposed to be the mechanism for controlling government. If we observe an elected leader not serving the electorate, but only paying lip-service to their needs, there must be some reason. After all, isn’t serving the voters what gets them re-elected? The answer is that a system of deception has taken over elections and representation. The candidates who are most likely to get elected are those who manage to raise the most money. Trading favors for campaign money is considered normal. Wouldn’t you think this is illegal? It is not. It is built into the system.

Collusion and corruption have risen to historic heights, all the worse because it is actually legalized. It comes in the form of unlimited campaign donations through donation bundling, Political Action Committees (PACs), and Super Political Action Committees (SuperPACs), and promised lucrative jobs. By these anti-democratic deeds, the wealthy control the elected government leaders and plunder the country. They have further perfected the art of hiding this activity. The control of government by these elite special interests threatens the foundations of the Republic.

Fortunately, a foolproof method of overturning the corruption has been discovered. We have a solution which is enacted by the citizens without going through government. It is designed to not rely on passing any new legislation, since using legislation to eliminate corruption has proved to be ineffective. Anti-corruption legislation has always failed because it was never intended to really get rid of corruption, but only to make the appearance of doing something about it. The corrupting money has continued to flow. The incumbent leaders will not permit effective legislation that would cut off their ill-gotten money.

In order to fix our government, what we need is elected officials who are not receiving these legalized bribes to purchase their favor. Our methods eliminate the need for these excessive donations, while also effectively preventing the collection of this money. Our methods are implemented outside of the government and the election process. Since this process does not require any new legislation, or any cooperation from the incumbents, it can’t be stopped by the powerful, the elite, the rich, or the politically connected. The mere choice by the citizens to use this strategy will automatically ensure its success. A new type of elected leader will be created who will find it in their best interest to meet the needs of the citizens. Honest broad-based representation will be established and politicians will no longer be coerced into giving into the manipulation of the elitist campaign donor class.