Force Change

Are you ready to join with us in leading the world to a new level of governing that fulfills the promises of equality, justice, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  Equal representation will finally allow the advances in technology to equate to widespread prosperity. All of the governmental manipulations of the Establishment have been for the sole goal of shifting the wealth of the world into their coffers, throwing the rest of civilization down into their gutter. Taking away their control will end the unconscionable elitist manipulations which subject the world to misery, hunger, poverty, and war.

  • Get candidates who are free from big-money influence.
  • Compel representation for everyone's interests: not only the privileged elite.
  • Block elected office dishonesty and cronyism.
  • Eliminate special interest domination of government.
  • Replace corrupt incumbent politicians.
  • Prevent governmental erosion of freedom and rights.
  • Reindustrialize to fill the employment gaps and expand the economy.
  • Make this the Land of Opportunity again.
  • Restore strength and security; built on the foundation of broad prosperity.

Our system is a breakthrough in breaking down the barriers that have thwarted every other attempt to defeat the current legalized political corruption. This is not like the other advocacy groups that are attempting to cause change by getting legislation passed. They are hamstrung by the limitations inherent in this approach. Because of these limitations, they have not been able to achieve any significant change in reducing legalized corruption. But our system is not another one of these futile exercises in wishing for the change that never comes. We overcome these limitations by going outside of the current political and legislative processes and re-routing the electoral process away from creating the traditional business-as-usual corruption.

Our system imposes anti-corruption requirements before the election even takes place. This is necessary since it has proven to be impossible to control the corruption from within the government. You, the citizen, will be in control of this process. One of our key requirements to creating these changes is to replace the incumbent elected office holders who have been corrupted by the Establishment's big-donor election campaigning system.

Our system gives you the power to take charge and compel the end of the overlording by the self-appointed aristocracy of crony politicians and their crony elitist constituents.  You have the power to eliminate the Establishment's stranglehold on your nation. Our system guarantees success in forcing these changes to become the new reality.  This website provides the tools for qualifying the candidates, creating the powerful community that puts them into office, and preventing the government from reverting to corruption.