10 Steps to Take Back Control of Government

Here’s how to put an end to the legalized bribery of politicians that allows the power elite to control government. Our democracy is a sham that is really a pay-for-play system. Representation is being sold off by various legalized methods of collusion between the big donor special interests and the politicians. Existing anti-corruption laws are so full of loopholes that they do not prevent the power elite’s control of government. This arrangement has been legalized by the very same incumbent politicians who benefit from the corruption. Because of this, they are not about to close the loopholes that give controlling power to their big money campaign donors.

The prevalence of these underhanded practices for controlling government have been well known for a long time. College courses in Political Science and Sociology cover these in detail. For example, many of these courses use a book by professor G. William Domhoff, entitled, Who Rules America. Originally published in 1967, it is now in its seventh edition. It has tracked the changing nature of the power elite and their control of our government. The book is heavily researched, deeply documented, and has been used as a textbook for these courses since the 1960’s. Dr. Domhoff’s book is not controversial nor contested. It is simply an academic text that explains America’s political reality. A precursor to this was the book, The Power Elite, by professor C. Wright Mills, with editions published from 1956 through 2000. It has also been used as a college course textbook. Many similar academic books, white papers, and studies have investigated and analyzed every facet of government control by the power elite. All of these expose the true power that subverts democracy.

So, what is the problem? Since it is well known exactly how this subterfuge against democracy is perpetrated, why hasn’t it been overcome? The dilemma is that the corrupt elected leaders do not appear to be capable of fixing their own corruption. They gained their positions by colluding with the power elite and they’re not about to change the tactics that got them to where they are. We need to get out of this vicious cycle of the corrupt campaigning system continuing to elect corrupt politicians who won’t fix the problem. The only option appears to be finding some way to get around the tainted politicians who are at the root of the problem.

Honestgovernment.org is a nonprofit and nonpartisan social networking website for organizing voters to elect candidates who have committed to not selling out to the power elite. The trick is to use social networking to remove the need for big budget campaigning—along with eliminating the need for the big power elite donors—and to reject the candidates who still choose the path of selling out. This creates a solution which takes place outside of government and gets around the roadblock of the incumbent elected leaders who are owned by the power elite. By employing this strategy we will finally be able to fix government on our own terms.
Here are the 10 steps to take back control of government without going through government:
  1. Sign up at honestgovernment.org to join the Honest Government movement.
  2. Follow the Election Guide link on your home page to determine your state legislative district and your national Congressional District. Join our site’s Election Groups for your state and national districts.
  3. Follow the links on your Election Groups to the candidate campaigning pages on our site. Join any other Election Groups that apply to you. View or join any candidate’s campaign page that interests you.
  4. Recruit your social networking friends to join Honest Government social networking.
  5. Promote the candidates you support by posting to your Honest Government online friends.
  6. Recruit candidates to join Honest Government.
  7. Join Honest Government leadership to organize the election groups, moderate the site, gain candidate ballot access, organize local events, engage with the media, register voters, and get out the vote. Organize at the levels of the local community, Congressional District, state, and nation.
  8. Choose to be a candidate. Accept the Honest Government candidate requirements. Candidates are provided with campaigning pages for videos, issues, positions, recruiting and organizing supporters, online communication, and event coordination. Their candidacy is announced with a listing on the election group page that covers their locality and the election.
  9. Join groups that produce pages for unbiased analysis of candidates and issues: investigating, fact checking, monitoring candidate compliance, and comparing to other candidates. Or, join groups that produce pages for unbiased reviews and comparisons of the analysis pages.
  10. Vote for the Honest Government candidates, who will not be sold out to the power elite after taking office, and who will represent the interests of the voters.
 In order to be associated with Honest Government, a candidate for elected office must become radically honest and abide by these enhanced standards of integrity, both before and after elected. Having elected leaders who comply with these will restore democracy to our representative form of government:

Restoring representation to the people will change everything. Currently, our elected representatives focus on meeting the desires of their biggest donors—a tiny fraction of 1% of the people. With our changes, representation will be redirected toward supporting the interests of all of the voters. A massive reorientation of the economy will follow when the corruption is removed: it will bring back equal economic opportunity, rebuild the prosperity and security of the middle class, eliminate the market corruption that causes poverty, and eliminate the social ills that go along with these economic distortions. Join with us at honestgovernment.org to restore democracy and reclaim control of our government.